Love me love my bottle


Don’t wait for love to find you this Valentine’s Day, make your own fun (if you’ve got the Botl)
Spend quality time with yourself, at the gym, thinking about all the smug couples you know and punching things…just don’t forget your water bottle
There is no greater love than the love for one’s self (and crisp white sheets, good coffee and cute water bottles)
You could find love anywhere this year…just don’t give them the ick with a basic water bottle
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Loved up already?
The most un-basic Valentines day ideas for 2023

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be about splashing the cash and PDAs. Quietly show your partner how much you appreciate them by planning a more intimate…and less nauseating…date night. Especially as it falls on a weeknight this year, why not make it a relaxing affair?

Why get all dressed up to go to an expensive bar when you can stay home, wear your tracksuit and get drunk with your partner for a fraction of the price (and not surrounded by those other cringeworthy couples)? Plus you get to be your own mixologist! Pick a couple of cocktail recipes with ingredients you can grab from the supermarket and dig out your nicest glassware (you could even use your OGB protein shaker as a stand-in cocktail blender). You could go the whole hog and make your own tapas, or you could order it in…

Have a sweet-bingeing movie marathon
Pick up all yours and your partners favourite sweets and snacks on your way home from work and cosy up under all the blankets and pillows you can find. Go for a horror extravaganza if that’s what gets you in the mood, or something action packed to get your hearts racing. Just promise you’ll steer clear of anything in the ‘Valentines Day’ section of Netflix! Slob out in all your glory and appreciate each other’s true selves.

Offer to look after the dog of a couple who maybe do have big Valentine’s plans (or just borrow it for a walk). This is also a good test – if your partner is no good with animals and you get the ick for real… then at least you know!

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