A clever stainless steel baby bottle, BPA/BPS free, that is from newborn to toddler

This ingenious stainless steel baby bottle from onegreenbottle is leading the way in baby bottles. Every part of this package has been incredibly thoughtfully designed and produced. The single wall stainless steel bottle comes with 6 attachments that take the product from newborn to toddler and beyond.
All components are 100% recyclable, 100% BPA/BPS free and non leaching and 100% certified by the FDA and EN14350 compliance regulations. This means it is supersafe for babys and a much better choice than feeding from a plastic bottle. Plastic bottles may be labelled as BPA free but could contain BPS which is equally potentially harmful for your child.

The pack includes 1 stainless steel 150ml baby bottle. It is single walled so the contents can be heated in hot water when out and about and so that mum can safely gauge the milk temperature. Heather Nicholson from onegreenbottle explained that when doing their research they found that insulated bottles can keep milks at tepid temperatures for long periods but this could encourage bacteria growth and also the safest way to heat milk is by immersing in boiling water. Stainless steel makes for faster and safer heating of the bottle contents when out and about.
The BPA/BPS free polypropylene teat holder comes with a silicone rubber, slow flow teat, perfect for newborns but this can be replaced as baby grows with onegreenbottle’s own range of teats or proprietary major brands such as Avent and Nuk. Any teat with a flat base will work with these teat holder rings. A complete list can be found at the bottom of this post.

The colour matched BPA/BPS free polypropylene cap is also a handy measuring cup with graduated measurements upto 180ml. Onegreenbottle supply two of these cups/caps with each package so that when both are fitted the package is safe and neat for carrying around and protects hands (and walls) when shaking hot formula.

A screw cap is included which makes the bottle leakproof if going in the bottom of a bag but also extends the usefulness of this clever product by converting the bottle into a food jar when baby is teething or even a snack pot for preschool or just when out and about with your little one. With the screw cap in place you can double up with the 2nd cap/cup so the bottle stays as a neat and portable lozenge shape

Finally. When baby or toddler needs a drink, slip on the colour matched sippy cover. Pull it down tight so it is fully secure and the bottle becomes a fun sippy drink. Onegreenbottle reports that their range of testers adored the sippy cap and contentedly played with the caps ‘ears’ when drinking. The cap is designed around looking like a cow – ummmm…………ok, yes we can see that – and is made from food safe silicone.

Stainless steel baby bottle infographic

The kit currently comes in 3 beautiful colours, Teddy blue, Bunny Pink and Toffee. This is supplied in a recycled card carton that is designed by award winning artist, Lois O’Hara and is a witty take on old fashioned milk cartons, even including a missing person window , although this missing component is BPA/BPS. The package is zero single use plastic which is consistent with the entire onegreenbottle ethos and range of products. The package is beautiful and would make the perfect, considered, gift for baby showers or new parents. For every single bottle sold, onegreenbottle reclaim 25 single use plastic bottles from the ocean and they are pioneering the use of recycled, ocean harvested fishing nets for use in their products.

The bottle retails at £28 which is exceptional value when compared to its competitors and given the longevity the product will have. All in all a very clever little green bottle.