Baby Shower Inspiration & Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Now we’ve established that a baby shower doesn’t actually involve any running water, and is more like a pre-birth birthday party than some kind of sick pregnancy ice-bucket challenge, we’re firmly on board (any excuse for cake). But if you’re planning the baby shower to end all baby showers, you need to pay attention to these trends…

Nature themed baby shower

Ahh the classic animal theme, unpretentious, not too flashy, perfect for boys and gals alike. Our favourite is a woodland theme – combine earthy details like foliage and pinecones with baby deer motifs and fairy lights. Or opt for a marine theme with, messages in bottles, starfish and netting with lighthouse keeper lanterns for decoration.

Self care baby shower

Health and wellness practices are creeping up in popularity in the baby shower sphere. Massages and meditation are the most popular, but given the choice we would extend the festivities to facials and therapy dogs.


Eco friendly baby shower

Ditch the balloons for biodegradable alternatives – no we’re not talking paper chains and those awful 70’s honeycomb-style decs! We mean classy tassel garlands, fairy lights, richly patterned 3D stars and dried flowers.



Best baby shower gifts

Lets face it, baby shower presents should always be things that make the parents’ life easier. So here’s our pick of the best ethical gifts that they’ll be sooo grateful for…

Onegreenbottle baby to toddler adaptable bottle and sippy cup

A three-in-one baby bottle, food jar and sippy cup, this adaptable bottle will last them from newborn to toddler. Made of stainless steel and BPA/BPS free polypropylene, parents can rest assured that no nasties are leaching into their little one’s drinks.

Eco Essentials from GoodToBee…

String Shopping Bag | from Turtle Bags – GoodToBee

Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes | 6 Pack – GoodToBee

Beeswax Bread & Potato Bag – GoodToBee

Supersoft Merino baby sleeping bag from Bambino Merino

Creating a microclimate around your baby for all night comfort and no risk of overheating, these sleeping bags regulate body temperature and moisture, and are luxuriously soft.

Baby shower gifts to pamper mum

Drops of vitality liquid supplement from Life Armour

For a natural energy boost without the caffeine, this supplement is designed to reduce tiredness and fatigue – perfect for new parents!

A treat for the mums – Organic wine in a can from DEFY

For when one glass is just enough (calling all sleepy mums) and there’s no need to open a whole bottle, wine in a can is the answer! Especially this high quality organic brand.