The best Eco-friendly bottles for kids

Best Eco-friendly bottles for kids

Sustainable, refillable and reusable!

When you’re looking for the best refillable eco-friendly bottle for your kids, there may be a few key points you’re looking for. Is it sustainable? Is it eco-friendly? Am I helping save the planet with this bottle?

Well look no further, we have it all covered!

At One Green Bottle our good for life, sustainable kids bottles have you covered. Most importantly they help keep your little ones well-watered and hydrated!

At one green bottle we are zero plastic. All our packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials, and our gorgeous tubes the bottles come in are cardboard, and can be used for something else when you remove your bottle. 

All the bottle caps are BPA/BPS free; they are non-leaching and guaranteed leak proof when fully closed. The material is food grade, which means no nasties will leach into the drink inside. So totally safe for little ones.

350ml Pickle green classic curvy canteen onegreenbottle

“One green bottle – Pickle” – Curvy 350ml canteen

Up first is quite literally our one green bottle. This is Pickle! Aptly named, as it is the colour of a pickle! This lovely stainless steel curvy bottle is so easy to hold and nice to drink from.

Our curvy bottles come in different colours from underground (red) to Hudson (blue) and unicorn (purple.)

It comes with our all new and improved classic sports cap. This minimalist cap has a fast flow spout and has more durability. These bottles have one skin, so they aren’t insulated.

This bottle doesn’t only look great but really stands for everything we are about. Be cleaner, and greener!

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350ml Milk stainless steel vacuum insulated onegreenbottle

“Milk” Life bottle 350ml

Next up we have one of our stainless-steel vacuum insulated bottles. In what we call our “life” collection. This cute little bottle has the extra added benefit of being insulated so it will keep the contents hot for up to 12hrs, or cool for 24hrs. Its special triple walled design makes it perfect for keeping the contents just as you like it.

This one is called milk and is part of our new neutrals range. They come in gorgeous Scandi colours, and have lovely sugary tones.

They also come with a matching sports cap (again BPA/BPS free.) Along with a colour matched reusable straw. Although if you prefer not to suck from the cap, remove the straw, and simply tip to sip! Eco-friendly and sustainable.

These stunners also have matching 500ml versions, so if your little one likes to copy their Mum, or Dad you can get matching bottles.

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350ml bumble stainless steel tough canteen onegreenbottle

“Bumble” – 350ml Tough canteen

Bumble is part of our tough canteen range. They come in a variety of colours and sizes. As kids love big colours, our Bumble fits the bill! It is a lovely bright yellow, and a little nod to our furry flying Bee friends who do so much to help the environment.

These bottles are tough and perfect for little ones. Another one of our best eco-friendly bottles for kids.

These are single walled, stainless steel bottles free from harmful plastics. Simply reuse again and again!

These come as standard with the classic sports cap, but with a fun colour matched straw inside the bottle, which you can use with the straw, or without.

Another eco-friendly planet saving tip, if you choose not to use the straw in the bottle, it can be used as a reusable straw for other drinks.

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350ml curvy canteens with sloop eco

Silicone bottle carriers to personalize your bottle!

Finally, if that isn’t enough variety for you, we also do our awesome sloop bottle carriers. These will jazz up any bottle, and make it even more tailored to your style.

They are made from silicone, and are 100% recyclable, and again zero plastic packaging. They fit any of the above bottles.

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We recommend our bottles with a colour coating on the outside, should not be put in the dishwasher. If you are looking for a bottle that can be dish washed then we do any of the above bottles in stainless steel, which can be washed at high temperatures.

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Here at one green bottle our message is to help the environment. Be more environmentally friendly. Reuse where possible, recycle where you can.

We partner with plastic bank, and promise to reclaim 25 single use plastics which are ocean bound for every bottle we sell. By purchasing one of our bottles, you are having more impact than you think!


Help the next generation of humans to learn, and understand there is only one planet, and it needs to be taken care of, not taken for granted.