Benefits Of Branded Merchandise

Why you need branded bottles

Corporate Branded Merchandise

Brand Awareness

Whether they’re given as a new starter gift for staff, used as loyalty rewards for repeat customers, or included as part of an event goody bag, water bottles as promotional merchandise are a fab way of spreading brand awareness. If the recipient uses their bottle on the way to and from work, at the gym, even on holiday, your brand logo is getting endless exposure to new audiences, for a one time cost.

Brand Perception and CSR

As well as building awareness, merchandise can also affect the way people feel about your brand. Choosing a sustainable product, like a reusable bottle or coffee cup, demonstrates a tangible commitment to the environment. People are therefore more likely to view your brand in a positive light. This can also boost your company’s CSR record as company wide usage of reusable bottles is a great step towards reducing environmental impact, especially if you source products from purpose driven brands who give back.

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An Alternative Business Card

Unlike a traditional business card which is likely to get stuffed into a pocket or wallet and never seen again (or worse, thrown in the bin), a bottle or thermal mug is likely to be put into use almost straight away. This means the recipient will have you in the forefront of their minds in the days and weeks following your meeting, and beyond this even.

Do Better at Trade Shows

Having a high value product to give out at trade shows is more likely to bring people over to your stall. Receiving a good quality freebie, and feeling like they have gained some value from the interaction, they will feel more obliged to listen to your pitch. You could even use the gift as an incentive to sign up to your mailing list or get people to download your app etc.


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Perception of Quality

Aligning yourself with cheap plastic tat is going to tell potential customers and clients two things: that you care more about profit than the environment, and that you have a small budget. Give a better impression by choosing your merch carefully.