Can Coffee be Sustainable?

Whilst coffee has become a naturally engrained part of many of our morning routines, how often do we think about it’s environmental impact? You could be drinking the most ethically sourced coffee from a local roastery, but if you’re drinking it out of a paper cup which you’re then chucking in the bin, you are still having a negative impact on the environment.

Did you know that 2.5 billion paper cups are used a year in the UK alone? Every coffee shop you go to will offer you the option of having a paper cup with a plastic lid to take your drink away in. Whilst this is convenient for getting a caffeine hit on the go, it normalises single use drinking solutions. What is not encouraged, however, is sustainable disposal of such cups. Only one in 400 hot drink cups are recycled in the UK. The cups that aren’t recycled end up in landfill, and whilst they are there, they produce the equivalent carbon footprint to 33,000 driving around for a year. This damage is particularly frustrating because it is easily preventable.

The first and obvious way to avoid this is to sit in and have your coffee in the shop’s porcelain. However if you MUST have that coffee on the go then the only way to have a hot drink whilst not causing damage is to invest in a reusable thermal cup. Make it a part of your routine to have your cup in your bag, and then you’ll always be prepared for an eco coffee on the go. There’s also the added bonus that most reusable thermal cups (including ours) will keep your drink piping hot for considerably longer.

You can still enjoy your coffee catch ups or quick caffeine hits without damaging the planet. Shop our range of reusable thermal mugs here.


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