If you look after your onegreenbottle it should last you a lifetime. The bottles are made from 304 stainless steel (18/8) with no coatings or linings on the inside. Stainless steel is very inert, it doesnt leach anything into your drinks, even acidic drinks are ok with stainless steel 304. It is odourless and should never impart any taste to your water. See our section on Nasty Niffs, below, if you are experiencing odour or tastes from your bottle.


Although extremely rust resistant it isnt impossible for stainless steel 304 to show signs of rust. This can be exacerbated by heat or high salinity conditions. Don’t worry. This is harmless and can easily be cleaned away with a bottle brush. If this doesn’t work, make a paste of baking powder and water and use this to brush away the rust. Soaking with vinegar will also help.

If you receive your bottle and it appears to have a tarnished stain or what appears to be rust, this may be a laser scorch mark. Again, this is totally harmless and inert.


Clean your bottle in hot soapy water with a bottle brush and rinse with clean water. Leave try dry upside down. Never put the cap back on and store the bottle with a damp interior. This can lead to a nasty stale water smell. Unpainted, plain stainless steel bottles can be placed in a dishwasher but we recommend hand cleaning any painted bottles or insulated bottles


If your bottle does develop a bit of a pong do not worry, it can easily be removed. Fill your bottle with a mix of water and a bit of vinegar and let it sit overnight. In the morning empty 3/4 of the vinegar solution from the bottle and add a tablespoon of bicarbonate or soda or baking powder to the bottle, use your brush to give the inside of the bottle a good scrub. Empty, rinse thoroughly and your bottle should be squeaky clean and pong-free.


All caps have a silicone seal round the neck of the cap. Try to keep this dry when storing your bottle or remove from time to time and clean thoroughly. If it is stored damp it may develop mould. We supply replacement silicone kits 

to keep your caps in tiptop condition and extend their life. We also recommend investing in a teeny tiny brush or pipe cleaner to clean the spout and straw. Bacteria can harbour in straws so please ensure they are cleaned regularly or use the quench or supergreen cap without the internal straws!!

Quench and supergreen caps can go in the dishwasher, top drawer. All steel caps should not be dishwasher cleaned or submerged but wiped clean. Please ensure to regularly clean silicone seals and store dry. If you do see mould please scrub clean or replace.