Eco Mother’s Day Guide

Mother’s Day is a brilliant opportunity to dedicate a day to showing our mums how much we love and appreciate them. It’s a day to spoil your mother whether that be through giving gifts or spending quality time with her. However, as with any holiday, this inevitably creates a lot of avoidable waste. Here are our top tips on how to celebrate Mother’s Day sustainably.

Sustainable Gifting

It’s natural to want to give gifts. It’s a lovely feeling seeing someone’s face light up when you buy them something special. However, on Mother’s Day try to consider a few things when buying presents. Firstly, is this something mum wants and will actually use? Big companies like to take advantage of holidays like Mother’s Day by making mum themed gifts such as mugs, teddy bears and bath sets. Before you go for the quick and easy gift, try to consider: will she still love this in a month’s time? A years time? or will it just get stuffed in a cupboard once Mother’s Day has passed. Consider buying gifts from sustainable companies, or something which will allow your mum to live sustainably. Maybe a nice tote bag to replace single use plastic ones? A reusable water bottle? A thermal mug to take on her coffee dates? If you prefer sticking to the classics try and source things sustainably and ethically. Get her some chocolates from a company producing sustainable and fair trade chocolate instead of reaching for the supermarket shelves. Or maybe do some research on sustainable wines to get her. Being sustainable doesn’t mean ditching gifts, it just means considering a few things before you buy.

Ditch Mother’s Day Cards

Now, I completely understand the attraction of cards. They give you an opportunity to put into words how much someone means to you. They’re also a nice reminder of the celebration when you see them on the mantlepiece. However, a week later it’s likely they will end up stuffed in a draw or being put in the bin. Ditching cards doesn’t mean forgetting about the sentiment behind them. Why don’t you try making a video of special photos and clips of you and your mother? You could do a voice over saying everything you’d put into cards or have it written on the screen. Or leave a video recording on her phone when she’s not looking which she will find later and be able to watch back forever. Not only is this a paper free alternate to a card, but she can keep it saved on her phone forever and watch it back with fondness. If you don’t feel like channelling your inner content creator, you can simply tell her everything you want to say, make it into a moment that you will both remember forever.

Source Flowers Responsibly

Flower’s are a lovely gesture, a long standing gesture to show someone you love them. However, around 90% of cut flowers are imported into the UK from the Netherlands.However, this doesn’t mean flowers are a complete no-go. Instead of buying your Mum cut flowers from the supermarket, why don’t you try buying some beautiful flowers to plant in her garden. This way you are both contributing to the natural garden habitat with the addition of more plants, and she also gets to experience them bloom year after year. They will be a permanent reminder of how much you love her, instead of sitting in a vase for a week before being thrown away.

Think Before You Eat

Sharing meals together is a brilliant way to spend quality time with someone. Bonding over good conversation and a love of food is something which never goes out of fashion. However, the way we eat has a significant impact on the state of the environment. If you go to a restaurant, try to go to an independent restaurant that you know sources its produce locally to reduce the air miles on your plate. Or if you’re cooking at home, why don’t you try experimenting with making one of your Mum’s favourite meals plant based? If you can’t resist eating meat, make sure you’re sourcing it locally and serving it with seasonal veg. Small changes like this can make your special meal a sustainable one.

Remember the True Meaning of Mother’s Day

Above all, remember that Mother’s Day is simply about showing appreciation. You don’t need to spend loads on fancy gifts and lavish bouquets to do this. Often, making memories is a better gift than a new candle or a box of chocolates. Why don’t you go on a country side walk and talk about memories or hold a gathering at someone’s house and have afternoon tea. It’s the small and lovely moments that we remember for our lives, so use this Mother’s Day to make some new memories!


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