Eurovision 2023!

What we’re loving so far and what we’re looking forward to...

Is there any more joyful experience in life than sipping a glass of wine and watching a man with a bowl cut and a lime green crop top screaming into the camera as part of some weird BDSM-meets-flamenco performance? We think not, and we’re in full Eurovision mode already.

Of course we were referring to Finland’s bizarre entry ‘Cha Cha Cha’, but this isn’t the weirdest thing to be occurring on Saturday night. Here’s our roundup of things we love, things that make us say WTF? And the best places to set up camp and watch the spectacle.


The weird:

  1. Serbia’s crazy sci-fi staging, giant oysters and all…
  2. Germany’s glittery heavy metal offering, the most Eurovision thing ever.
  3. Croatia’s downright bat***t performance. Need we say more?


The wonderful:


Hannah Waddingham

Star of Ted Lasso and Sex Education (as well as numerous west end shows) Hannah Waddingham is a class act. She firmly asserted herself as one of the public’s favourite Eurovision presenters ever with her sparkling personality, insane singing voice and French speaking abilities. Let’s hope her rise to power continues…next stop Downing Street? We hope so.

Sam Ryder

Everyone’s dream best friend (or is that just me?) Sam Ryder will be combing out those luscious locks to hit the stage as one the guest performers on Saturday. Whatever else we witness on the night, at least you can rely on Sam to deliver a quality show.


Mae Muller

Performing this year’s entry for the UK, Mae Muller perfectly combines diss track with catchy EuroPop – if this doesn’t clinch the title for us then we may as well give up.


Where to watch Eurovision in Liverpool

Even if you don’t have tickets to the big event, you can still soak up the atmosphere at one of the big screen events around the city. The Museum of Liverpool will host a viewing party with food stalls and bars, The Club House will stream the whole event on a projector in their garden and Panam bar (just down the road from the arena itself) is also hosting an outdoor Eurovision extravanganza.

Where to watch Eurovision in London

There’ll be a FREE open air screening at Battersea Park, as well as at Boxpark Croydon (you need to book free tickets in advance for both events!)

Where to watch Eurovision in Brighton

OneGarden at Stanmer park is hosting an open air event with food, drinks and DJs, plus for an event with free entry head down to Jubilee Square to watch on their big screen.


Plus, check out your local cinema as there are screenings happening across the UK!