Fitness trending – Your January must-do list

Weird new fitness trends for 2023

2022 saw the hot girl walk becoming an actual exercise trend, but what madness can we expect in 2023? As you can probably guess, it involves VR…

Shower plunging

Gaining in popularity amongst fitness influencers, this is meant to be good for recovery, injury rehabilitation and mental wellness (apparently) – A barrel full of ice cubes in the back garden doesn’t sound like our idea of fun, but each to their own! Wim Hof should have taken shares in Dry Robes given their prolific use post ‘year round sea swimming’ and the more common ‘walking the dog before grabbing a chai at Gail’s’. Forget the ice-bravery. We have combined our cold water plunging regime with keeping the gas bill affordable and have created a technique where you enter the shower immediately – who can afford for it to warm up? Go primevil and shout a lot of swearies as this is another wellness trend creating a net positive gain before you have even cleaned your teeth.

Fitness within the Metaverse

Les Mills have already provided a boxing workout for oculus Quest headset users, and its predicted that the popularity of VR exercise classes will boom. Perfect for those days when you don’t want to have to interact with ACTUAL people, and one thing is for sure – this is a level up from WII fit.


Yep you guessed it – jogging and juggling, at the same time. For when jogging itself is not enough hard work (who comes up with this stuff?). NOTE: we thought this would be an excellent personal entry into the Guinness Book of World Records (see yesterday’s post) until we discovered some guy from Canada joggled for 61 miles. Ridiculous. Next…



Twerkout: A high-energy, sexually charged exercise routine designed to isolate and work the buttocks and thighs but also benefits the calves and abs. High energy with bootilicius attitude. It this trims the tum and shakes away the lumps then what could possibly go wrong. Looks good. We’re in.


Holistic Training Will Expand Beyond the Body

A balanced diet is one of many pieces that build the holistic style of training that will be more common in 2023. It’s not just about taking an hour in the gym and watching what you eat anymore—the mind and soul will be integral to fitness in 2023, too.

Using meditation as part of a fitness routine isn’t exactly new, but expect the practice to become more common in 2023. Fitness studios are merging meditation with muscle building, like at the Breathe.Burn.Calm.

Exercise snacking

Unfortunately for couch potatoes, exercise snacking has nothing to do with food. Rather, exercise “snacks” refers to brief spurts of physical exertion, lasting for a minute or two and done throughout the day. This can take the form of climbing up and down the stairs, jogging on the spot or doing squats. Studies have found that exercise “snacks” can rival traditional workouts in improving physiological health. They can offset the detrimental physiological effects of prolonged sitting, and improve cardiorespiratory fitness and metabolic health in previously inactive adults.

Many people lack the time to do traditional workouts, which makes it hard to stay fit, but this method does not require much time or planning. It is feasible and time efficient, and can be incorporated in your day-to-day activities, even if you are sitting for long hours or working in the office.

75 soft Challenge

An alternative to the TikTok famous 75 Hard challenge, the 75 Soft challenge is created by fitess influencer Stephen Gallagher and is meant to be more realistic and doable for the average person than the original.

For the unintiated, the original #75HardChallenge was created by Andy Frisella, a fitness entrepreneur and public speaker, and took off on TikTok in 2021.

According to the website, it is not a fitness challenge but a  “transformative mental toughness programme”. Participants must follow five rules for 75 days: follow a regimented diet of their choosing, complete two 45-minute workouts, drink a gallon (3.7 litres) of water, read ten pages of an educational non-fiction book and take daily progress photos.

The 75 Soft challenge only gives participants four rules to follow:

The 75 Soft challenge eliminates the final rule of the original, placing less emphasis on physical changes, and instead turns its focus to sustainable lifestyle patterns and habits.