Glastonbury’s Green Credentials and Our Festival Hacks

With festival season well and truly underway, the behemoth that is Glastonbury will be kicking off this week, after a two year break due to the Covid pandemic.

It’s no secret that the organisers of the festival are environmentally conscious and like to minimise waste as much as possible, but how exactly are they doing this?

In 2019 the sale of single used plastic bottles was banned across the site, and this year the measures will go even further, with crisps only being sold in compostable packaging. It’s already standard that traders must use compostable containers, cups, lids and straws to serve their food and single use sachets are also banned.

Thought has been given to trades of all kinds, with makeover stalls only being allowed to use biodegradable glitter, and all stallholders being required to complete a sustainability survey.

Even Glastonbury Festival HQ is powered by clean energy from a solar farm and an anaerobic digester (that converts greenhouse gasses from farm waste into electricity).

But festivals in general are notorious for creating a lot of waste, and a lot of the responsibility is down to the individual. So if you’ve got a festival in the diary this summer, however big or small, remember…

-Don’t ditch your tent. Get hold of a tent that is just big enough for your needs and still packs up small enough for easy transportation (however hungover and lazy you’re feeling). There are towels, airbeds, chairs and pillows available to buy online that are designed to take up very little room.

-BIODEGRADABLE wet wipes are the next best thing to a shower

-Pack a waterproof jacket rather than buying a disposable plastic poncho. If you’re worried it’ll ruin your outfit go for something transparent OR equally as glamorous as what you’ve got on underneath.

-Don’t buy a whole new set of outfits that you’ll never wear again once they’ve featured on your Instagram. Reinvent items you already have, shop second hand or clothes swap with friends. Two pieces rather than dresses are so much more versatile as you can mix and match and create a whole new outfit just by changing one element.

-Keep two bin bags in your camp, one for recycling and one for general waste. Make sure you clean up after yourself and put everything in the right bin at the end.

-Take a reusable bottle that’s easy to carry and will actually keep your drinks cold. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a bottle of warm water in a hot tent after a heavy night.

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