Guide to Protein Shakes

How to use a protein shaker

stainless steel protein shaker
stainless steel protein shaker

Do you need to take protein powder?

Protein powder is a useful way of boosting your protein intake without adding extra calories/sugars/fats that you get in high protein foods, plus it’s convenient and portable – perfect for taking to work or the gym. As well as repairing muscles (and therefore promoting muscle growth) protein is important for weight loss as it helps curb your appetite and increase your metabolism.

Types of protein powder

There are so many different types of protein powder out there, it can be confusing to know where to start. Our advice is that standard whey protein is good for building muscle and recovering from exercise, while plant protein does mostly the same thing but without the dairy. If you’re going plant-based, there are a few options available – but Soy protein is the best option in terms of increasing lean muscle tissue. Diet protein powders tend to have less fat and sugar and therefore fewer calories than standard protein powder, and Isolates are the purest form of protein you can get, having the carbs and fats filtered out.

When should you take protein powder?

It was thought that protein should be taken straight (15-20 minutes) after a workout, to be within the crucial ‘anabolic window’, however recent research suggests that protein is effective up to two hours after exercise. As long as the protein gets consumed the timing is not so important, although if combining fasting with exercise (for example, exercising before breakfast), it is recommended to get the protein hit as soon as possible after training. Consuming protein before bed can also make it more effective, as this is the prime opportunity for your body’s recovery and the protein can be better absorbed. For elite athletes it is recommended that protein is taken directly before or after exercise and for endurance athletes in particular to combine their protein with a source of carbohydrate. This means you’ll be ready to go again for your next training session sooner.

We recommend taking your protein shaker with you to the gym to drink straight after – building it into your routine will mean you don’t forget, plus if you’ve been pushing yourself hard and feel depleted after it’ll give you a nice boost to then go into your day/evening feeling better.

How to use a protein shaker bottle

It’s recommended to have between 25-40 grams of protein in supplement form per day (or per day of exercise) depending on how much muscle you are trying to gain. Scoop the powder into your shaker and top up with water (or milk for a creamier texture) according to your own preference. Less water will give you a thicker shake whereas if you feel dehydrated or thirsty after exercise adding more water would be beneficial. Add a sweetener if desired (we like maple syrup or honey) and shake!!

To clean your shaker, use hot soapy water and a scrubber brush (the powder can cake onto the sides and leave a strong smelling residue if not completely removed). Leave to dry thoroughly on a raised drying rack or dry by hand. Store with the lid off.

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Protein Shaker Bottle Recipes

Try adding cold brew coffee to your vegan powdered shake as an extra ingredient, great for early morning workouts.

If you don’t have a blender (or to save time) you can add powdered peanut butter straight into the shaker!

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