Happy World Sleep Day and Mother’s Day!

menopause supplements

Ok so its not actually either of these today, but we were too excited about our new giveaway to wait until the weekend to post!

As it falls in the same week as Mother’s Day, we thought we would use this World Sleep Day to celebrate women’s health and share some must-have products for navigating the menopause. So get your sleep-deprived brain around some of these top tips!

marine collagen


As we become older, our collagen production slows, which can lead to signs of ageing such as sagging skin and wrinkles.

Collagen powder contains the amino acids proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline (among others). These are the building blocks your body needs to make new collagen, but they are hard to come by in our regular daily diets. Whereas collagen is mainly taken to improve skin quality, it also supports joint, muscle, hair and gut health. Collagen has also been linked to improvements in sleep.

BareBiology’s Skinful Collagen Powder dissolves without a trace in hot or cold drinks, and is made from MSC certified sustainably sourced, wild Norwegian cod skin.

Omega 3

Crucial for a healthy nervous system, Omega 3 can reduce anxiety levels and support your brain function. The essential fatty acid is also beneficial for your skin’s appearance, and the radiance and youthfulness of your eyes. Perfect for when you’ve been hot and bothered all night and got no sleep.

Menopause also compounds many traditional cardiovascular risk factors, so consistent Omega 3 supplement taking can protect your heart through the menopause and beyond.

silk pillowcase


Have you ever heard of sleep wrinkles? We hadn’t either until we teamed up with Waking Beauty. It’s recognised by doctors across the world that sleeping on your back is the best position to ensure the best quality restorative sleep, and supine sleeping has a whole heap of medical benefits. But it also prevents the pressures on your face that cause wrinkling and eye bags.

giant water bottle


Drinking enough water has been found to improve so many menopause symptoms we can’t even list them all. But the main ones – hot flushes, brain function and nausea, can be improved by making this one simple change to your routine. Oestrogen helps us to retain water, so it makes sense that as levels of this hormone drop, we’re going to…dry out.

It’s well known that having a gorgeous water bottle encourages you to drink more (even if just to show it off). Which is why our bestselling new Epics in retro colours are a perfect gift for menopausal mums everywhere.

Find all these products in our latest giveaway (in collaboration with the absolute authority that is Menopause Matters magazine) live on our Instagram now!

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