How Team GB and one well known website are helping this small British business change the world for the greener

Great things come in small packages! How Team GB and one well known website are helping this small British business change the world for the greener

Climate change and the health of the environment have become increasingly hot topics over the past few years – particularly throughout lockdown, where a pause in normal human activity saw pollution levels drop and natural worlds thrive.

Clearly, the time to act is now if we want to protect our world for the future – and starting small could have the power to make a huge difference.

Here’s how one small business owner is hoping to make big changes in the field of greener living – and how GoDaddy, official domain name, website builder and web hosting partner of Team GB for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is helping her spread the word.

Champions of the future 

Heather Nicholson, founder of One Green Bottle, is keeping our athletes fuelled throughout Tokyo 2020 with her reusable stainless steel water bottles

With the world’s eyes on Tokyo and its gathering of inspiring athletes, the Games provide the ideal platform for sparking positive change on an international level.

It’s also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one micro-business owner, Heather Nicholson, to play a key role in a greener future – something she’s been able to do thanks to GoDaddy.

The website hosting platform and official Team GB partner has been supporting thousands of aspiring micro-business owners throughout lockdown by helping them build life-changing careers with their range of website and marketing packages.

But for Heather they’re going one step further, because her business has the power to do something huge through its e-commerce website – especially with the support of Team GB behind it.

The former industrial chemist from Hove, Sussex, was inspired to launch her company One Green Bottle in 2005 after learning about the harm drinking from plastic bottles could do to the body. The chemical compounds from plastic can leak into the liquid within them, which are then absorbed by the body causing unknown damage.

Of course, this isn’t the only issue with plastic bottles; everything from our oceans to the food we eat is now affected by the overwhelming problem of plastic waste. Something has to change.

So, Heather launched One Green Bottle which sells reusable stainless steel bottles, a safer and more sustainable option for transporting water.

Naturally, as people across the world have grown more environmentally conscious over the years, Heather’s business grew and grew, selling on average 120,000 units every year.

By 2016, she was able to make it a full time career. Now, as a Team GB supplier, One Green Bottle has a new online marketing campaign – fuelled by GoDaddy – enabling the business to grow and reach new customers.

You may have seen Team GB sporting Heather’s sustainable alternative to plastic bottles throughout the Games this year

The power of small 

Heather believes one of the reasons that One Green Bottle has been such a huge success is partly because of timing: ‘The success and growth of One Green Bottle has been really gratifying.

‘We were ahead of our time, launching in 2005 as a business with a social conscience, and things have really taken off since the world became more aware of the dangers that plastics pose to the environment and to consumers.’

But Heather wouldn’t have been able to make the waves she has in the world of sustainable living if it wasn’t for GoDaddy.

‘Our e-commerce website has been such an important part of our success,’ she continues. ‘We don’t have a designated sales or marketing team, so people have to discover us rather than vice-versa. That’s why the work we’re doing with GoDaddy is so important: it’s putting our products in front of a broader audience.’