How to make your kids drink more water at school

keep kids hydrated

Hydration Tips

If you’ve had your kids at home for 6 weeks over the school holidays, you’re probably looking forward to the start of term so you can regain some free time. But now they’re not under your watchful eye, how can you make sure they’re hydrating properly? Dehydration in schoolchildren can lead to changes in mood, low energy levels and difficulty concentrating, so their teacher will thank you for providing them a tasty drink that they’ll enjoy sipping on (especially one that isn’t full of sugar, which will cause its own problems!)

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Here are our favourite natural recipes for making water taste better, using ingredients you might even have lying around already…

  • Orange and lime
  • Cucumber, apple and mint (spiral the cucumber if you really want to show off)
  • Blackberry and lemon
  • Watermelon and mint
  • Strawberry and Kiwi
  • Raspberry, blueberry and strawberry

Our tips – Use frozen fruit to save money and waste, plus it makes your drink even more refreshing. And if your child has a particularly sweet tooth then you can add a dash of honey which will also provide a natural energy boost!

To avoid your bottle straw getting clogged up with mint leaves or lemon flesh, you could mix the water and fruit in a jug or big jar and leave in the fridge overnight. This also means it will be nice and cold ready to pour into your insulated bottle (which will keep it cold for the rest of the day!)

Our Evolution and Epic bottles have wide necks so that you can easily drop fruit in or tip it out. Our new 500ml Epics and tea strainers/infusers make it even easier to add flavour!