Instagram’s Vegan Revolution

Veganism has grown in popularity massively over the past couple of years. The supermarkets are stocked with dedicated plant-based sections and celebrities such as Billie Eilish are expressing the benefits of a cruelty free diet. Many people are changing their eating habits due to environmental factors, with the number of vegans in the UK increasing by 40% during 2021. As a result of the increase of popularity, there has been a surge of new and exciting instagrammers posting vegan food content on the platform. Whether you’re already a vegan and looking for new meal ideas, or a meat eater who doesn’t believe that plant based food can be tasty, maybe these vegan profiles will inspire you to give plants a try.

Max La Manna (@maxlamanna)
Max La Manna is a chef who goes above and beyond to promote sustainability through his content. Not only are his recipes Vegan, but he also advises on how to limit food waste in the kitchen. He regularly asks his followers which ingredients they most often throw out and incorporates them into zero waste recipes.
Recipe to try – Butter Bean + Kale Stem Soup w/ Homemade Croutons

Maya // vegan recipes (@fitgreenmind)
At only 16 years old, Maya has already accumulated 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She posts regular content which is simple to make but healthy and delicious. Her veganism is incredibly accessible, with many of the recipes being vegan spins on much loved comfort food, which creatively rely on the flavour and texture of vegetables rather than meat substitutes.
Recipe to try – Popcorn Cauliflower

Ben’s Vegan Kitchen
Ben’s Instagram is all about proving that just because you’re vegan, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on anything. From his carrot smoked salmon to his vegan big mac, he certainly proves that vegans can eat more than salad and beans. He also isn’t afraid to incorporate meat substitutes into his recipes which is refreshing to see. Now that they are so readily available and the quality is significantly improving, there’s no reason to look down on them or question their place within vegan cuisine.
recipe to try – Vegan Big Mac

Lucy Parker (@lucy_and_lentils)
Lucy is a vegan food photographer and recipe creator. Her food is always immaculately plated and photographed which makes her vegan recipes look incredibly indulgent and flavoursome. Her page revolves around comfort food, proving that vegan food can be decadent and delicious
recipe to try – Chickpea Masoor Lentil Dal

Calum a.k.a. BLITZ. (@madebyblitz)
Calum is loved on Instagram for the humour and entertainment value which he brings to spreading awareness about Veganism. This videos are creatively edited and ‘blitzing’ food in his blender has become his trademark. But aside from how engaging his videos are, the food he posts is incredibly tasty, and accessible to both vegans and meat eaters.
Recipe to try – Vegan Shakshuka