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Our best selling jackets are now improved and back in stock.

We have made several improvements to the jacket quality, design and the production process to make these jackets our best ever. They now have a sturdier zip with tab, ticker neoprene and improved stitching. Most important for us was that we have found a jacket supplier whose environmental credentials satisfied our requirements. Whilst we still havent found a replacement for neoprene, we are satisfied with the manufacturing and waste processes in the production of these jackets.

We currently have jackets for our 350ml, 500ml and 800ml bottles in both black and tribal design. The jackets fit both the straight and curvy bottles.

Our new 1200ml bottles will be due in stock in January and we have jackets waiting for these.

The jackets protect your bottle from scratches and excess damage and have a useful carabineer clip to attach the bottle to your bag. We hope to introduce more designs in the new year.


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