New Research finds Microplastics in Human Blood

Microplastics are fragments of plastic smaller than 5 mm, they contain harmful chemicals which can lead to cancer. They can be ingested via food, water and air, and have already been found in human’s faeces. However, new and shocking research has revealed that they have now been detected in human blood.

In the recent study conducted, the blood of 22 anonymous participants was tested, and Microplastics were found in the samples of 17 of these. Half of these contained PET plastic, which is commonly used in drinks bottles. However, exposure via drinks bottles is easily avoided through drinking from stainless steel water bottles. This is a safe alternate which is also better for the planet.

Another worrying implication of this study is the affect it will have on babies and children. Previous studies have shown that the amount of micro plastics in infant’s faeces compared to adults is ten times higher, babies that are being fed from plastic bottles are ingesting millions of micro plastic particles a day. To avoid this, try feeding your baby with a glass or stainless steel bottle as these can be heated without leaching dangerous micro plastics into the milk.

Whilst this research is alarming, it highlights the impact that plastic has on human health, and that there is hard evidence of the impacts of microplastics. This should be motivation to change the way we consume, reducing the use of plastic not only for the planets health, but also for our own.


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