One Green (Baby) Bottle for Our Green Planet

When shopping for your little ones, we understand that there are countless factors to take into consideration. The bottle you choose must primarily be functional and safe, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style and sustainability. We completely understand this at onegreenbottle. Which is why our baby bottles are designed with both mother and baby in mind, they perfectly balance practicality and quality. Our baby bottles are made from stainless steel meaning they are 100% BPA/BPS free. A safer and smarter choice for feeding your babies.

By choosing onegreenbottle, you’re not only prioritising your child’s safety, but you’re also protecting their future. Our baby bottle is uniquely sustainable. With every bottle sold, onegreenbottle reclaims 25 single use plastic bottles from the ocean. So therefore, through every purchase, you are protecting our planet for the children you are currently raising. This baby bottle is also uniquely multifunctional with 6 various attachments allowing the bottle to adapt as your child grows, making it incredibly practical for use from when they are newborn to toddler to preschool and beyond. These attachments include a Polypropylene teat ring with silicone rubber slow flow teat for newborns, a fun sippy cap attachment for toddlers, Screwcap lid for carrying formula or as a holder for snacks or drinks for pre-schoolers and 2 measuring cups that double up as a bottle holder and lid. The variety provided from these attachments is both straightforward for you as a parent, but also incredibly sustainable. In its lifetime, this one bottle will be able to perform the function of many plastic bottles which are both unhealthy for your child and damaging to the environment.

The bottle is not only ground-breaking in its use of safe and sustainable materials, it has also been praised countlessly for its adorable and creative design. The bottle comes in three playful colours; Toffee, Teddy Blue and Bunny Pink all of which are contemporary pastels with a timeless feel. We have received countless comments from happy mothers saying that the bottle is “seriously cute” and “so stylish”. Also incredibly importantly, many have mentioned how well their children are receiving the bottle. One of our customers told us that her “daughter loves her sippy bottle and finds it’s so easy to use and rarely spits or chokes on the water when using the sippy cap, unlike the other ones she has tried.” This is shining evidence that our bottles aren’t only loved by parents, but (importantly) by children too.

So, our baby bottles are unique, eco and safe. Why bother buying single use plastic when one green bottle can change and adapt as your child learns and grows? It’s the right choice for them and the right choice for their future.