Our packaging commitment – ZeroWaste week

It has taken us years to find a totally plastic free method for transporting our products safely to our customers and I am pleased to report that our new stock, due 19th Sept, will be completely plastic packaging free. Our new stock will be wrapped in recyclable tissue paper inside their cardboard tubes and we aim to send over 90% of our packages out wrapped in paper bags, paper sacks or cardboard boxes with paper packing tape. The remainder will be shipped in the grey biodegradable plastic bags  we currently use. We have spent 12 months trialling this method and have had no reported problems and we hope that you will be happy with these new choices. Our aim will be to be 100% plastic packaging free in the future and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Why not take part in ZeroWasteWeek Our long time onegreenbottle friend Rachelle Strauss is heading a drive to help households become less dependent on packaged items and drive the amount of waste we all produce down. Could you commit to reducing your household waste from the 4th to 8th September? We are offering ZeroWaste devotees an extra 10% off our web prices for the week using code ZERO17 at the checkout page on this site.

Our new stock arrives on 19th September with some great new colours and fantastic new plastic free packaging. Until then we will continue to have our Summer stock clearance SALE. All of our current stock is wrapped in biodegradeable plastic packaging inside the cylinders and some will be shipped in biodegradeable plastic mail sacks.


Sadly our war on plastic straws has caused masses of confusion and so we will revert to supplying each bottle with an internal straw when the new stock arrives. The internal straws are made of silicone, which has no known health hazards and is readily recyclable. The internal straw is removable so you can choose to use it or not. If you don’t use it in your bottle you could use it instead of the disposable plastic straws which are causing such a problem in the oceans. Thanks to all of you who supported our mission to send bottles without internal straws.