How To Reduce Plastic Use – Top Tips and Calculator!

Have we mentioned how proud we are to be partnered with Plastic Bank? (we might have). Celebrating all of the positive and lasting environmental change, the social and economic impact for our oceans, communities and world; Plastic Bank have put together some amazing statistics about their recent successes.

Record breaking:

  • They broke their monthly collection record with over 100 million bottles of ocean plastic collected in June alone!
  • To date, they have collected over 31 million kilograms of plastic waste (which is equivalent to more than 1.5 billion bottles of ocean plastic).
  • Together with their partners, they’re empowering over 17,000 collectors in communities in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brasil and Egypt to collect and exchange plastic waste for bonuses that help to provide basic family necessities

A fantastic way to help in the global movement to reduce plastic is by offsetting your plastic use. Head over to Plastic Bank for more information on how you can do this for yourself, or even as a gift for a loved one.


Image source: Plastic Bank


Another wonderful offering from Plastic Bank is their Plastic Footprint Calculator. Have you ever wondered how much plastic you are using in your life? Or wondered if there are ways you can cut down plastic waste that you may not even know about? This tool can help with that. It’s great to cut down on single use plastics, but there are many other ways plastics can be in the supply chains of our products.

As they say over at Plastic Bank, it’s not about being perfect, but about being aware and taking small steps forward in whatever way we each can.

Plastic Bank’s Footprint Calculator takes you through a series of questions to help you identify areas you could reduce your use. It also gives you lots of handy info, for example did you know that 10% of the plastic produced in Europe is used in the Automotive industry?!

We hope you find this helpful and if you’re feeling inspired, how about cutting down on single use coffee cups? Try our thermal mugs instead, that also happen to be super stylish.