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64oz / c.2 Litre insulated Nougat Epic bottle thermal canteen stainless steel

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64oz / c.2000ml thermal insulated Canteen stainless steel water bottle supplied with PP covered steel screw cap with handle. Newly updated Epic bottle – with Lois O’Hara design logo. Beer Growler, Gym keg, Daily water intake reminder.

volume 64oz / c.2000ml

We recommend handwashing painted bottles

Metal, reusable, eco friendly and sustainable bottles that are simply the best in class. This bottle is big enough to cover all your hydration needs for the day and will stay cool on the hottest of days.

PLEASE NOTE this bottle has a wider neck and does not fit any of our standard caps. Alternative Epic caps are available


CAUTION: Do Not use boiling water. We recommend 80c max and advise to open with care when using hot water.


NEW scrubber - Bottle brush with wooden handle

NEW silicone straw set in New Zen colours - with brush

You can use these dotty straws in your epic bottle too

Spare all Flex handle cap for Epic bottles

Epic bottle sports straw cap with flexi handle

Jelly Bottom for 64oz (2litre) Epic canteen

Epic bottle "flip" cap

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