800ml Breast Cancer UK bottle

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800ml stainless steel water bottle with Breast Cancer UK’s #reduceyourrisk campaign logo on both sides and the onegreenbottle logo

volume 800ml/27oz height inc cap 285mm diameter 75mm weight 169g Stainless steel 304grade, no lining

We recommend handwashing painted bottles

Bottles are supplied with the Quench cap as standard 

The QUENCH CAP is a sports cap so you can get a great glug of water on the go. Supplied with the internal straw part.  Made from BPA/BPS free/non leaching polypropylene with a silicone ring. You can use the cap with or without the internal straw part.  The straw is a removable silicone tube which fits into the inside of your quench cap. Using a straw allows you to drink without tipping the bottle. Straws can harbour bacteria so invest in a pipe cleaner or teeny-tiny brush to keep yours tip top. When using without a straw, tip the bottle to drink. Avoid over-tipping the bottle as your drink could bleed through the air valve. Dishwasher safe top drawer but we recommend hand washing with small brush. Recycle as polypropylene PP05

Please note BPA/BPS free/non leaching polypropylene is more brittle than the nastier plastics on the market. Avoid dropping or carry spares

£4 from every bottle sold will be donated to Breast Cancer UK

 Breast Cancer UK aims to prevent breast cancer through education, advocacy and scientific research.  We work to raise awareness so that people can make informed choices about lifestyle and environmental risk factors; promote policy changes that encourage a preventative approach; and, support scientific research that will help us to better understand the causes of this terrible illness.  

 Prevention has never been more important. 

 One in eight women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.

Over 55,000 people every year are diagnosed with breast cancer

One in five cases are in women aged under 50.

But at least one in four cases is preventable


Money raised from the sale of this product will go towards cutting edge scientific research that will help us to better understand how environmental factors (such as

exposure to chemicals used in plastics) may impact on breast cancer risk. 

 Visit breastcanceruk.org.uk to find out more about the science behind our work and how you can take action for prevention

reg. charity number 1138866 reg company number 7348408

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