Sloops: why are they a must have?

Are you wishing there was a way you could hold your bottle with ease? Well this is exactly what our sloop carriers are for! You simply stretch the circular side around the neck of your bottle and voila… your bottle now has a handle. 

Not only are these sloops incredibly convenient, but they also fit perfectly in line with our ethos, they’re made from safe silicone and they’re 100% recyclable (not that we expect you’ll be recycling it after giving it a go!) 

The best part is, they come in a wide variety of colours, ranging from the bright and bold to muted pastels. What better way to personalise your bottle? You could even get a range of colours and switch them around depending on what you fancy that day. They also fit onto many other brand’s bottles, so if you fancy updating an old bottle you have or have multiple bottles from different brands, the sloops still got your back! 

tough canteen plaster pink sloop

At only £5.00 a sloop, what have you really got to lose? Reusable products are an investment, a way to improve your environmental impact in the long run… so you might as well do that in style! 

See our range of sloops here.

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