Stand up to Cancer!

We are delighted to be working with on their Stand up to cancer gift package. A range of thoughtful gifts and essentials for anyone going through cancer themselves or their loved ones.

This bespoke package was developed because we have regularly been asked to put something together for someone going through cancer. Through our own experience and from talking with others, we know that cancer is intensely personal. Depending on diagnosis, treatment, circumstances and many other factors, what might offer some TLC or practical comfort varies greatly. One person might crave cold things while another can’t stand them; some people might want food as comfort while others lose their appetite; skin can be sensitive, some people feel the cold more and others suffer hot flushes. Some want to use their brain and others want a distraction.

We also know that it’s tough for those alongside the patient, and often friends and family want to look after that person too, so we wanted to make sure the loved ones were included in this package.

The Stand Up To Cancer Care Package has been developed with over forty products to choose from so you can make it right for the recipient. 5% of what you spend with us will be donated to support Stand Up To Cancer’s ground breaking research.


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