Straws suck

We have thought long and hard about whether to supply our new Quench cap with straws or not. From our research we found that most users prefer to use the caps without straws which means the straw gets tossed in the trash and adds to the massive plastic problem in landfill and oceans. Single use straws are a huge environmental hazard and although these straws are designed for multiple use, we thought we would give customers the choice of whether to have a straw or not.

Our second reason for not supplying straws is that there have been a number of articles about bacteria lurking in straws and there have been cases where this has resulted in health problems.

The quench and supergreen caps are both perfectly usable, many think preferable, without the straw. To use the quench without the straw just tip it up sufficiently to get a drink but not so high the water goes over the air valve.

We will now offer quench caps with or without a straw. To purchase the cap with a straw will cost an extra 50pence of which we will donate 50% to an ocean clean charity.

We hope you can appreciate our position on this sticky subject x