Support Sky Ocean Rescue

We all need to do our bit to stop the flow of plastic into landfill and into our oceans. This is serious and if we all scale back on the use of single use plastics perhaps we could make a difference. Take a look at the startling and scary facts on and help support this campaign. Help support the campaign for a responsible deposit scheme on plastic water bottles. As sellers of stainless steel water bottles we have always avoided any hard selling techniques based on the damage that plastic can do to our health and our environment but we feel  strongly about the threat of Nurdles, those beads of plastic that are in our food chain and how much plastic we are throwing in the oceans every year. It is shocking and makes us feel very sad. If you are aware of any worthwhile similar campaigns or ways in which we can help, please let us know and we will publish on our site or in our social media. We are particularly interested in any campaigns aimed at supermarkets to reduce single use plastic packaging.