One Green Bottle – More than reusable bottles!

One Green Bottle makes waves to saving the environment

One Green Bottle are more than just sustainable, refillable, and reusable stainless steel bottles. They are making a huge impact to help save the environment.

Heather Nicholson started her journey nearly 14 years ago to wage a war on single use plastics. Coming from a chemistry background, she was all too aware of the chemical composition of plastics, and how plastic compounds  can leach into drinks.

At the time there was very limited availability of reusable stainless steel bottles on the market. Thinking of her little boy, and wanting to keep him to stay safe from leaching plastics, onegreenbottle was born, from one humble stainless steel reusable bottle.

Now, over a decade on, one green bottle boasts various eco-friendly bottle collections. All reusable, refillable and great for the environment and the people who use them.

Proud to be working with PlasticBank, they reclaim 25 single use plastic bottles from the ocean. So when you buy from One green bottle you know you are helping the environment.

All of their products are shipped with zero plastic packaging, and the business strives to be zero plastic waste! Any waste that is produced is recycled.

With their passion to reduce environmental impact, they are moving leaps and bounds. Always growing and improving where they can.

The future

Watch out later this year when One Green Bottle will launch  their very own “One little Green Bottle.” Starting your newborn off to the very best start by using a stainless steel baby bottle. Free from toxins, BPA and BPS, parents can be assured that they are using a safe baby bottle.

Following this, will be the extremely exciting “Evolution” bottle. This is a super hybrid from the life bottles to the tough canteens. With a wider neck but all the benefits of being triple insulated for 12hrs hot and 24hrs cold thermal regulation. Evolution – because everything changes, and change is good!

The bottles

The bottles are not only visually appealing but very practical too. The Life Collection range boasts beautiful colours and designs. The logo and some of the bottles feature the design work of Lois O’Hara an artist based in Brighton.

These bottles are vacuum insulated with triple wall stainless steel 304 construction. Ensuring they will keep your drink cold for 24hrs, or hot for 12hrs!

Larger bottles

For heavier drinkers they have Epic canteens . These are perfect for down the gym, or being out all day ensuring you stay hydrated!

For those of you who are missing the pub, these bad boys are perfect for your “take-away” pints.

Or come the summer when you hit the beach for a few bevvies with your mates, these Epic beer growlers are perfect to keep your pint cold.


They don’t only do bottles!

They focus on all your daily needs from keeping your beverages cool, to keeping your lunch chilled! Keeping their reuse ethos, they offer beeswax lunch wraps which you can wash and use again, along with your take away hot drink!

They also offer a lovely range of lunch bags and bottle bags to keep your bottle protected.


1 litre stainless steel bottle epic
1 litre stainless steel bottle epic