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shopping ideas

When shopping for your little ones, we understand that there are countless factors to take into consideration. The bottle you choose must primarily be functional and safe, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style and sustainability. We completely understand this at onegreenbottle. Which is why our baby bottles are designed with both mother and[…]

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Festive Gift ideas for Christmas

The evenings are getting chillier and decorations are popping up, which can only mean one thing… Christmas is approaching. Whether you’re shopping for friends, family or an eco special someone, a gift from onegreenbottle is a gift that says you care. It’s a reusable treat for your loved ones but also an important step in[…]

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Vegan Tips for vegan month

November is World Vegan Month! Remember when veganism used to be a bit niche, a bit tricky? Not anymore, there’s vegan alternatives to so many items now. And sometimes (being a bit) vegan can simply mean having some meat and animal produce free days, every little helps as they say. So why is going vegan[…]

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