That Emily in Paris water bottle – un désastre de la mode

Having eaten way too much and feeling very much icky and tres tres desole, i sat down to binge watch Emily in Paris with my quilt and trusty border terrier.
I don’t want to spoil any of the plot so I will keep this brief – Clothes gorgeous, Paris beautiful and Emily confused over who is her true love……..yadda yadda yadda. However, the most heinous fashion crime was then executed in scene after scene with the reappearance of the scatty and fabulous Madeline.

The entire cast’s clothing is so spectacularly curated and styled that I don’t worry about poor Emily navigating the French capital’s cobbled streets on platform loafers or Mindy getting a chill from over exposure. No. I think to myself, this is a joyful and welcome distraction from normality…………….Then……………..

emily in paris water bottle
That water bottle from emily in paris

What the flaming heck is Madeline carrying. Not just in one scene but every single scene. Centre stage. Surely it’s a Moschino handbag. Where is the punchline for this big plastic accessory? It must have it’s own storyline because it is omnipresent throughout. Is it part of some merchandising package where the only affordable item is a huge pink water keg at £30 just below the Chanel socks at £450???

Its the ugliest, biggest, most plasticky plastic water bottle. Is Madeline going to the gym after work? Hasn’t her obstetrician warned her about plastic migration into water? Isn’t she concerned about how to clean the dang thing (you try and stick a brush into those hard to reach parts)? Where does this monster bottle fit into the narrative? Is it one of those bottles that has hourly reminders and motivational messages to encourage you to drink more water (buy more bottles)? Does a smart women like Madeline need to be reminded to drink more water – what the hell is a PA for? Is the comedy huge pink bottle there to show us that Madeline is really a bit inept and not to be taken seriously?

This clearly rankled me. You decide and please let me know. Is this the worse fashion crime of Emily in Paris season 3? Is there a hidden meaning behind the presence of the big pink plastic bottle? When every outfit is carefully and beautifully planned, how did this fashion disaster end up on our screens? Discuss.