Ways to save money this winter during energy crisis

Saving Money

In an age of political instability, rising costs and working from home days, saving money on bills is an issue we’re all stressing about daily. And with most of us busier than ever, you may not have even had the brain capacity to consider swapping your favourite mug for an insulated alternative. So take this as your reminder.

In between the myriad of Liz Truss tweets, Taylor Swift tweets and Liz truss AND Taylor Swift tweets (we told you it’s a strange world), a recent viral Twitter thread encouraged users to share their advice on ways to keep warm and save money. The advice was to boil your day’s worth of water all in one go in the morning, and store it in a flask until you need it. This seems extreme, but even by reducing the amount of times you need to boil the kettle by a few, you’re saving yourself money.

Plus how many times have you been distracted, left a coffee or tea to get cold and then had to microwave it? It costs around 10p per use to run a microwave so if that can be avoided with one simple lifestyle swap, that sounds like a win win to us!

Keeping Warm

The warming effects of hot drinks might be largely psychological or superficial, BUT they are fantastic for your emotional wellbeing when the doom and gloom of current affairs gets a bit much. This said, adding a bit of extra sugar or butter gives your body more calories to burn, which is how it produces heat.

And on those days when you have to fully function as a human being, drag yourself into the office and make small talk with your colleagues (ew), a nice strong morning coffee can seem like the only thing getting you out of bed. So don’t turn your salvation into your financial downfall! Consider making your own coffee at home and taking it with you, or if you really can’t live without your frothy milk fix – consider buying your own milk steamer (which would quickly pay for itself in savings) or take your reusable cup to the coffee shop in return for discounts.

You’re welcome!

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