What is a sloop?

Have you ever wanted to grab your bottle before leaving the house, but your hands were full? Or have you wanted an easy way to carry your bottle whilst hiking? Do you have a little one and worry about them dropping their bottle? What if I told you a sloop is the perfect solution to all of these problems?


Sloops are our brilliant bottle carriers. They are made up of two silicone rings; the circular part goes around the neck of your bottle and the longer end is for you to carry. A sloop will fit on evolution, life, tough and curvy collection bottles and can be found in the accessories section of our website.

The great thing about having a sloop is that it gives you the freedom to customise your bottle. They come in 10 stunning colours which range from the bright and bold to subtle pastels. Whether you want to make a statement with a colour such as underground red or prefer something more muted like tiger lily  that perfect colour to pair with your bottle is guaranteed to exist. Or you could even pick a few colours, and mix it up depending on your mood.

The sloop is incredibly easy to put on your bottle. Simply remove the cap, hold it down against one end of the neck and pull it over and around the rest. If you’re more of a visual learner, we made a simple tiktok tutorial showing how to put a sloop on a bottle.

Find our full range of sloops here.


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