What you shouldn’t say in 2023 – Word is…………..

What Not To Say in 2023

Some words are overused, misused and just plain annoying so much so that academics have suggested the following be banished from the English language as we start a new year.

Top of the list is football lads’ favourite and confusing-to-middle-aged people acronym GOAT (or Greatest Of All Time). We would be happy to see the back of this one, but we have a feeling it might be in usage for a little bit longer yet…

Like us, you may have only just realised that ‘irregardless’ means the same thing as ‘regardless’. We will be banishing it immediately, and feeling a little bit stupid for not noticing this earlier.

As avid users of the phrase ‘It is what it is’, we take this one as a personal attack. But if it is to be banished, then that’s what we’ll do. Gaslighting has been cancelled and quiet quitting has been sacked.

Although, if 1999’s banished word is anything to go by, we may see these words cropping up again in around 20 years time. ‘Y2K’ was voted out of usage just before the millennium, but open Instagram, Pinterest or Depop and you’ll see the phrase having the living daylights hashtagged out of it.

Now, words you can say this year………last year’s permacrisis and goblin-mode have tote’s negative connotations and we are just soooo over being negative.

Word on the street is the new word of the year will be your own personally prescribed blend of joyful positive vibes. This year we get to choose our own best words – we have gotten to the state of personal growth where we are actually allowed to declare our very own word-of-the-year. This is empowering in itself. How you determine your chosen mantra is entirely up to you but we would recommend an instagram soak of cute duck videos, otter reels anything kitten related and oddly satisfying.

Our 2023 faves are blossom, grace, balance, abundance, creativity, joy, dayspring, focus, grow, simplicity, minimalism and steady.

If your soul is too dark to adopt these how about Illiquidity? This essentially boils down to ‘a lack of cash’

The paradox of periods of economic depression is that these dark times often produce the most exuberant, creative, colourful and exciting developments – look at the blossom of disco in 1970’s New York. Although 2022’s permacrisis has frazzled our nerves and 2023 has started with general strikes and rising inflation – these new crisis points could be the catalysts for some beautiful, personal positive changes.

We are going in hard on positivity for 2023, I mean it is what it is, right?

official word for 2023

word for 2023

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