Which reusable bottle is the best?

Here at Onegreenbottle, we pride ourselves in the fact that we offer a wide range of reusable products to suit everyone’s needs. From our sleek evolutions to our durable tough canteens, we have the perfect bottle for everyone. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to choose. So we thought we’d craft a fun little personality quiz to point you in the right direction.

Why do you want a bottle?

a) I need to drink more water! 

b) I want a sustainable option 

c) My bottle doesn’t hold enough water 

d) They make a great fashion accessory! 

How do you like your drinks?

a)Icy cool 

b)Hot hot hot 

c)Need to stay cool for a long time 

d) As long as I’m hydrated I’m happy! 

Where do you find yourself at the weekends?

a) Wherever the night takes me!

b) Brunching before a cosy night in 

c) Countryside hikes 

d) Squeeze in an extra gym session

What’s your favourite season 

a) Spring 

b) Winter 

c) Summer 

d) Autumn 

What’s your spirit animal?

a) Cat

b) Owl 

c) Horse 

d) Dog 

Count up which letter you answered the most, if you scored…

Mostly “a” … Evolution! 

This bottle is so stylish and adaptable so whether you’re out and about or taking it easy, the evolution is both gorgeous and reliable.

Mostly “b” …. thermal mug! 

This one’s for the coffee lovers. Those who love feeling cosy and warm inside whether curled up at home or adventuring on the go. 


Mostly “c” … 2 Litre Epic! 

Perfect for big drinkers. When you’re out and about all day but need a reliable supply of cool and refreshing water, this 2L bottle will absolutely have you covered. 


Mostly “d” …. Tough Canteen! 

So classic and so durable. The thicker steel on this bottle makes it the perfect choice for adventurers. Once you try this bottle, it will be a loyal and essential companion.  


We hope this quiz helped you find the best reusable for you! You can find all of our ranges and their varying sizes and colours on our website.