Why choose stainless steel water bottles from onegreenbottle?

Our stainless steel drinks bottles are rugged, durable water bottles certified free from oestrogen mimicking chemicals. Beware of aluminium bottles, these are lined with plastic and so called ‘BPA’ free plastic bottles contain BPS or other oestrogen mimicking chemicals potentially more dangerous than BPA containing plastics.

Single use plastic water bottles contain BPA and are devastating to the environment.

BPA and other endocrine disrupting chemicals found in plastics are linked to many serious health issues, reproductive abnormalities, genetic defects, risk of cancer, heart problems and many more.

100 billion plastic bottles are produced each year using 2 billion gallos of oil. There is a raft of plastic in the Atlantic that is twice the size of Texas! Only 5% of plastic bottles are ever recycled.

Every minute we dump a garbage truck load of plastic into the ocean. By 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fist in the ocean.

Stainless steel bottles are guaranteed to be free from toxic chemicals and you will save a huge amount of plastic from going into landfill or our oceans.

It starts with just onegreenbottle to make a difference