Why is recycling important?

Recycling has become a routine part of our daily lives. We have recycling bins for our homes and many communal bins offer a recycling option. But it’s important to remember why it’s so important to consistently do. There are so many benefits to recycling that there’s no reason not to do it.

Reducing Waste in Landfill and the Ocean

14 million tonnes of waste are sent to landfill each year. It’s easy to think that once rubbish is put in the bin, it is no longer an issue, but this is certainly not the case. Rubbish does not simply disappear once it goes to landfill, it’s decomposing back into our world, polluting the natural habitat.  Landfills are a man made thing, which are only here as a result of the amount of waste we produce. By recycling, we are significantly reducing the amount of waste that needlessly ends up in landfill.

Preserving our Planet By Recycling

It sounds obvious but every material we have has always been on the planet in one way or another. By recycling what we have already extracted from the planet and giving it a new life, we are avoiding using more of the earths resources and maintaining its natural beauty and not disrupting the balance further. The process of extracting also creates significant pollution, which could be easily avoided if we simply use what we already have. The earth only has so many resources for us and if we continue to use them up, they will inevitably eventually run out.

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

When rubbish is put into landfill, it releases greenhouse gases. Methane makes up between 45-60% of greenhouse gases, and methane which occurs as a result of human actions is responsible for 25% of global warming. Something as seemingly insignificant as throwing our rubbish in the bin is having a significant and permanent effect on the planet. And this is why its so important to recycle.


As well as recycling, try swapping single use products for reusable ones where you can. Things such as beeswax wraps, thermal mugs and water bottles are brilliant ways to avoid using single use products all together.



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