Why Should You Be Sustainable?

Sustainability has slowly creeped into our everyday lives. From plastic bag charges to paper straws, positive changes have been enforced which are now the new normal. Is this enough though? Although it may seem disheartening when big corporations are creating irreversible amounts of pollution, it’s important for us to all do whatever we can to live sustainably on a personal level.

This planet is our home right? Would you dump single use plastic on your bedroom floor and leave it there until it decomposes? I doubt it! You might argue that there’s nowhere else this waste can go, that it’s our only option of disposing of it. However I’m pretty sure that if you had to leave every bit of plastic you used on your bedroom floor you’d use less. We need to transfer this mentality to the way we treat the planet. Being more mindful of our consumption and therefore more sustainable would directly result in a cleaner, healthier and unpolluted planet. So why shouldn’t we do everything in our ability to help heal the earth?

I’m not saying that we all need to switch to plant based diets, grow our own produce and exclusively shop small (although that would be pretty cool…) Just do what you can, but stick to it. Although change may seem intimidating, remember the initial uproar about paper straws… but now they’re totally normal and accepted. It may take some time to adjust, but the state of our planet is only going to improve if we make sustainable changes.

Try associating sustainable swaps with something you can get excited about. Say you love interior design and your kitchen is your pride and joy. Find some refillable jars that match the aesthetic perfectly and start shopping from refill stores. Or say you’re a budding home cook, try cooking plant based a couple of times a week and see it as a cooking challenge, a way to improve your skills. Curious about shampoo bars? Just give them a go, you never know you might just find your dream sustainable swap! The thing is, changes don’t have to be drastic and completely disrupt the way you live and function. There’s so many things which just take a bit of adapting and will have such a positive impact on the planet.

It’s become a cliche, but we need to look after this planet, because it truly is the only one we have. And also not just that, but humans are single-handedly responsible for the damage done. So we are the the only ones that can fix it.

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