Why you need a Sloop

Stretchy loop, silicone loop, whatever you want to call it – they are the ultimate companion to your Onegreenbottle. Compatible with our Evolution, Tough Canteen, Curvy and Pop bottles, and made of a brilliantly durable food grade silicone – they’re the only thing that can make a very good bottle EVEN better.

As a daily essential which comes with you from home, to work, to the gym (or football club/yoga studio/chosen sports arena) your water bottle is one of the best ways of expressing yourself. So if you like black, but the thought of totally black is a bit depressing, sticking a red Sloop on your bottle is the best way to liven things up. If you love a 70’s aesthetic, a Toffee coloured bottle with an orange Sloop is sooo retro, and if you need a way of distinguishing your bottle from your twin’s – different Sloops are the way forward.

The best accessories are those which serve a purpose, and Sloops are no different. You can keep your bottle on you even while you’re carrying children (or other small mammals), snacking on a handful of morning croissants or juggling all your gym equipment from changing room to squat rack. They also help you to clip bottles to hiking rucksacks and handbags alike, although you will need your own karabiner. We’ll let you in on one more secret…they also fit many other brands of bottle.

Check out our range of Sloops below!