For every ocean generation bottle sold, onegreenbottle donates £8 to Ocean Generation – learn more here about how the donation is transformed into Ocean-Saving mangrove planting and climate education.

The Ocean generation bottle is triple wall stainless steel 304 grade to keep drinks icy cold or toasty warm for longer. It has a soft rubber ‘skin’ finish and has the ocean generation logo and mission statement.

We are the first generation to deeply understand Ocean issues and the last generation who can stop them.

We are all the Ocean Generation.


Show your support of this amazing organisation and make a genuine difference.

By purchasing an ocean generation x onegreenbottle you are contributing to an ocean positive future

Your support means the Ocean to us 

The Ocean is the most important, yet the most threatened ecosystem on Earth. It provides every second breath we take, captures over 50% of global carbon, and is the primary protein source for over 3 billion people. 

We are all the Ocean Generation

We’ll plant a Mangrove Tree (AKA: a climate superhero) on behalf of you

Mangrove trees are coastal guardians. They’re responsible for over $60 billion in avoided losses from coastal flooding. What’s more: Mangrove trees store between 3 – 5 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests. 

Learn more about ocean generation x onegreenbottle

onegreenbottle is pioneering the production of ocean harvested plastic trash into polypropylene sports caps. We have just attained FDA approval for our ocean harvested recycled pp. This is a massive achievement and we are absolutely delighted to be able to produce our sports caps from materials such as discarded fishing nets.

We are an impact partner to Plastic Bank. This means we fund the provision of infrastructure for improved plastic waste management AND for every single bottle sold we collect 25 single use plastic bottles from ocean bound trash

We are Certified B-Corp – attaining the highest values in social and environmental operations.