We have partnered with Ocean Generation

The Foundation bottle has a stunning image of a jellyfish and carries the mantra of Ocean Generation.

onegreenbottle has long been a devotee of Ocean Generation, previously know as Plastic Oceans UK. Bringing scientifically backed information to our attention and maintaining education programmes that are designed to engage 8 -25 year olds. There is a future in every organisation for environmental responsibility and Ocean Generation is providing an education framework to empower the generation who will overturn the damage inflicted on our ocean.

onegreenbottle set up onegb foundation to support this cause through the onegb foundation bottle. Awarded to young people who meet the criteria to invoke this change or young people who are engaged on their journey to greater awareness and action on ocean threats.

onegreenbottle donate a portion of profits towards supporting this cause. We love the level headed and grounded approach this charity has taken. We love that they are engaging and empowering young people who are capable to driving change. We are all Ocean Generation.

Ocean Generation are empowering an inclusive global movement to tackle Ocean threats through science and storytelling.

We believe that the solution is through education and information and not through fear and coercion. Ocean Generation are making change through positivity and empowerment.

The onegb Foundation bottle will be available to purchase. Each bottle purchased will fund 3 replacement bottles that will be donated through the foundation and Ocean Generation partnership.

onegb foundation

We are pioneering the production of ocean harvested plastic trash into our polypropylene sports cap. We have just attained FDA approval for our ocean harvested recycled pp. This is a massive achievement and we are absolutely delighted to be able to produce our sports caps from materials such as discarded fishing nets.

We are an impact partner to Plastic Bank. This means we fund the provision of infrastructure for improved plastic waste management AND for every single bottle sold we collect 25 single use plastic bottles from ocean bound trash