Why change is needed

By changing habits we can reduce our reliance on single use plastics. Since we began, we estimate that our customers have prevented at least 1 billion single use water bottles from being used and disposed of. Thankyou. We are making a difference together. We regularly publish ways to reduce the plastic habit and prevent pollution. […]

Whales in crisis

Whales Are Facing a Crisis Created By Humans. Can We Help Save Them? Jan 09, 2019 Arguably as one of Earth’s most fascinating animals, whales have long held a place of awe and reverence in our psyche. They’ve featured in countless works of fiction and fantasy. From 1851s Moby Dick (a sperm whale) to 1986s […]

New Today in Marketplace

Just arrived in our Eco marketplace. Set of 6 short bamboo straws with cleaning brush £6, Bamboo toothbrush £2.75, Abeego beeswax food  wraps £15, Organic produce bags £7 and a new midnight blue isothermal bottle. Last but not least is our favourite Eco-find of the week – these fabulous coconut scourers £3.75 Our marketplace has been […]