How to live without plastic?

Even when you go out on a mission to be plastic free, fuelled by fears for our oceans and our very existence, it is difficult to buy the simplest of items without finding it triple wrapped in mixed plastics. Even when we recycle our plastics we learn that our carefully separated waste is never likely […]

NEW Stock coming very soon

Our new stock of curvy colourful bottles are making their way here next week (around 7th March) We also have a new range of colourful Tough Canteens arriving early March and a new range of powder coated Isothermal bottles arriving Mid March. We will also be unveiling our new logo and web design soon and […]

Survival of the Fittest Bottles

We are proud suppliers of the stainless steel water bottles appearing on ITV2’s Survival of the Fittest. More and more TV production companies are visiting onegreenbottle to supply their crews and cast members with reusable stainless steel bottles and we are delighted that this gorgeous bunch of warriors are leading the way in promoting sustainability […]

NEW Plastic Free reusable water bottles

Change your World forever by saying NO to single use plastic bottles and choosing a reusable non plastic bottle. Onegreenbottle’s range of stainless steel bottles are durable, eye catching and make great gifts. Choosing a reusable bottle is a great commitment to sustainable living, your health and your environment. All of our bottles are made […]

Zero starts with One

The average person uses 167 single use water bottles each year. 91% of all the plastic produced is NEVER recycled. We can all make a difference by choosing to reuse. All of our new stock of bottles is 100% free from plastic packaging. Our older stock (currently in the SALE section) has biodegradeable plastic inner […]

Stick your name on it!

We offer personalised, permanent marking on bottles and bespoke bottles over a certain amount but if you want a fun, colourful and sassy way to stake your ownership on your bottle, we would recommend a vinyl decal from our friends at ‘RoseTintedVinyl Emma, at RoseTintedVinyl produces bespoke designs for dishwasherproof, waterproof, easy to use, vinyl […]

Stop the plastic tide

We’re using the great outdoors as a huge dustbin and much of this litter is ending up in the sea and on our beaches. Last year a study produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation produced some truly disturbing conclusions: the equivalent of one entire truck of plastic (8 tonnes) is dumped in the sea every […]

Christmas gift ideas 2017 eco friendly

Perfect for Christmas gifts. Our stainless steel bottles and stainless steel lunchboxes, glass reusable bottles and lunchbags make great presents. All of our onegreenbottle stainless steel bottles are supplied in recycled card cylinders making a sophisticated eco-gift. Box up your bottle with a mini lunch box, spare caps or jackets for a delightful Christmas pack […]