Life Collection just landing

Our long awaited new Life Collection of isothermal stainless steel bottles has just landed. Bottles have a triple layer stainless steel construction for keeping your drinks ice cold for 24hrs or hot for 12hours. All bottles are supplied in our zero plastic packaging recycled card cylinders and have a patented, unique cap that has stainless […]

Why change is needed

By changing habits we can reduce our reliance on single use plastics. Since we began, we estimate that our customers have prevented at least 1 billion single use water bottles from being used and disposed of. Thankyou. We are making a difference together. We regularly publish ways to reduce the plastic habit and prevent pollution. […]

Whales in crisis

Whales Are Facing a Crisis Created By Humans. Can We Help Save Them? Jan 09, 2019 Arguably as one of Earth’s most fascinating animals, whales have long held a place of awe and reverence in our psyche. They’ve featured in countless works of fiction and fantasy. From 1851s Moby Dick (a sperm whale) to 1986s […]