500ml bottles

500ml grass stains stainless steel Pop bottle – botl

NEW Pop bottle. Triple wall stainless steel insulated bottle at a bargain price. Double stainless steel 304 grade vacuum with internal copper layer to provide the best in insulation and the familiar cola bottle design. Supplied with screw cap, outer shell stainless steel, inner part BPA/BPS free polypropylene

NOTE: None of our other caps will fit this bottle. The only cap which fits it is the one that comes with this cap.

Grass green reusable bottle

BPA and BPS free caps for safe, everyday hydration. This gorgeous grass green bottle is a reminder to do more to help our environment with our eco-friendly reusable bottle.

500ml Ht 24cm Dia 68mm wt 297g

CAUTION: Do Not use boiling water. We recommend 80c max, and advise that you open with care, especially when using hot water.



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