1200ml Liquorice Tough Canteen stainless steel bottle – Classic Sports cap

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Our customers say this bottle makes them drink more water each day!

1200ml Stainless steel bottle.  Our new Tough Canteen is the big daddy of our bottle family. Perfect for travel, picnics and hikes. Laser etched with NEW Lois logo and supplied in our beautiful manila cylinders.

NOTE: This bottle is not insulated – it does not regulate beverage temperature

volume 1200ml/40oz height inc cap 280mm diameter 92mm weight 227g

Metal, reusable, eco friendly and sustainable bottles that are simply the best in class. These bottles are old skool cool. Ditch the single use plastic bottles forever and make a world of difference by choosing stainless steel sports bottles. Free from harmful plastics.


Please note this bottle does not insulate. It does not keep drinks cold or hot for extended periods. If you are looking for an insulated bottle, please visit our Evolution or Epic ranges

NEW scrubber - Bottle brush with wooden handle

1200ml reversible jacket

NEW Classic Sports Cap - Fits Classic curvy, tough, evolution and vacuum

Sloop - Loop carrier in divine Magenta

Jelly Bottom for 32oz (1litre) Epic canteen (and 1200ml Tough Canteen)

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