Reasons to ditch plastic

There is so much data available online that it can blur your mind and bore you senseless. We are asked regularly ‘Why are plastic water bottles so bad?’. Here is our very succinct 3 pronged response: 3 straight-forward, risk free reasons to ditch plastic water bottles, please read the list of bullet points below.

1. Plastic water bottles are quite simply bad for your health. We have read and digested most articles and research on this much debated issue and have come to the conclusion that there is so much evidence to suggest that the endocrine disrupting chemicals that are present in plastics and BPA-free plastics cause various health issues that they must have substance.

The only articles that we find that defend the use of plastic water bottles are generally produced by the plastic industry.

If you google ‘dangers of plastics’, read the overview, the conclusion and check out the sources. It is eye opening.

As a parent, it is a no-brainer. If there is research that has shown links between health problems and plastics, minimise your family’s exposure to plastic.

Stainless steel has been shown to be the safest beverage container for health.

2. Plastic, single use water bottles are terrible for our environment. We throw away 2.5million plastic water bottles every hour. Only a tiny percentage of plastic water bottles are recycled. The rest go to landfill or into our oceans. Simple solution, purchase a reusable water bottle. Even if you only use it for a year, you have saved more than 300 plastic water bottles from the ocean. If everyone in your family and in your street or everyone in your child’s school started using reusable bottles, think how many single use plastic water bottles this would save from landfill.

Plastic single use water bottles also take nearly a cup full of oil to produce. Imagine how much oil could be saved?

By using stainless steel bottles you are using a durable and fully recyclable material.

3. Check out the economics! A stainless steel water bottle would cost in the region of £10. Payback based on buying a 750ml Evian bottle every day would be less then 2 weeks. Over a year this could be in the region of £300

3 straight-forward, risk free reasons to ditch plastic water bottles