Sustainable Festive Gifts

Christmas ideas for the whole family!

When it comes to choosing gifts, there’s been a noticeable vibe shift in the past couple of years. While we still want to choose something that will make the recipient beam with joy, sustainable choices are increasingly at the top of the festive shopping list.

From picking recycled or recyclable wrapping paper, to being mindful about food waste and shopping sensibly for well-made and eco-conscious gifts that will go the distance – there are myriad of ways that this Christmas can be greener than ever.

One of our favourite sustainable Christmas tricks is making gorgeous garlands by stringing dried oranges together. Shopping for natural blooms and sprigs of mistletoe that can be tied together with twine also makes for a far more fragrant, greener and cheaper Christmas.

Yet decorations are one thing, but searching for sustainable gifts is a whole other kettle of fish. If you’re struggling with where to start but know that your friends and family will appreciate eco-conscious gifting more than anything, we’ve got you covered.

After all, the true spirit of Christmas is all about giving back, and by shopping for sustainable gifts you can give back in more ways than one.

Scroll on for the best, sustainable Christmas gifts for an eco-conscious holiday.

  1. 🎅 Festive Flair: Personalised water bottles with each family member’s name and a touch of holiday cheer.

  2. ❄️ Thermal Magic: Insulated bottles to keep drinks hot or cold, perfect for winter adventures

  3. 🎄 Family Set: Matching water bottles in different sizes for everyone, because twinning is winning!

Stay hydrated in style with these Christmas present water bottle ideas for the whole family! 🎁🌲