Trending in 2023………………what you need to know guide

Our roundup of the most functional trends of 2023 – yes there are going to be loads more but here our our favourite most useful ones

Trends that we’re glad are trends

The Great Cancellation

The world is lurching from one global catastrophe to the next. But, as they have for millennia, people are adapting to instability by switching between four responses: fight, flight, focus and freeze.

  • Fight: people will increasingly raise their voices against injustices
  • Flight: people will look for alternative options
  • Focus: people will cope by focusing on what they can control
  • Freeze: people will switch off entirely

Consider the current pressure on people’s finances: Families who are seeking to make ends meet are cutting back on non-essentials like media and subscription services, resulting in a phenomenon dubbed the “Great Cancellation”.  Here is where it gets interesting, depending on your response type, see above, you can mold your cancellation programme to suit. Who isnt going to feel financially fitter by going through all of their subscriptions and saying ‘Thankyou, but goodbye’ to a few. Shedding those apps will feel like shedding pounds. Fine for the Fight, Flight or Focus types but you Freeze types are going to have to make it your daily challenge to maybe make just one small change a goal but do it with love, acceptance and compassion. It will still feel good.

Ok, so now you have no apps to keep you busy…………….

It’s New Hobby Time……

As people internalize instability as a norm, a significant majority of people are trying new hobbies or joined new communities. This does not have to cost money, take up lots of time and can work for just about anyone. Here are a few of our faves:

  1. Learn to play Bridge – this is not a game for the old people. Bridge requires concentration and can help to distract you from all that stuff you might wish to be distracted from for an hour or two. You can learn online and then join in local Bridge clubs
  2. Meditation – a life skill everyone needs and it is soooo energising. Guided meditation or learning to sit quietly for 10 to 20mins a day is self love and self care – we love it.
  3. Walking – get a chance and get out there. Challenge yourself to see 5 things of beauty
  4. Write a themed list and work through it. For example places to goto, things to see or words to use in conversations
  5. Write a story. Doesn’t everyone have a story in them? Look at Prince Harry! OK it doesn’t have to be an outpouring of grievances, how about a simple plot and some colourful characters.
  6. Learn to dance. Check out dance classes near you or use YouTube for free lessons
  7. Break a World Record………Ok this might require a bit more work but what a challenge find something that you think you could possibly do ad challenge yourself

Breakthrough Technology

From John Deeres new robot planter designed to reduce fertilizer and chemical use to Samsung’s partnership with Patagonia to reduce microplastics in the water supply and Asus’ boast that it has used 1,500 tons of recycled plastic in its products since 2017. 2023 is the year where technological developments will be aligned with sustainability. Checkout the new technologies on the horizon.

Increased protein intake will help us thrive—not just survive.

As the importance of protein for a healthy and long life becomes increasingly clear, we’ll all get more intentional about how we get it on our plate in a sustainable and healthy way. Protein shakes are here to stay and this time they’ve gotten hardcore technical. You will need a degree in nutrition to know which to buy and when to drink it. Why is it so confusing? Is it bugs, flexitarian, whey or pea. Personally, i just go chocolate, no bugs please. We all need to pay attention, this is a trend that isnt going away.

Finally……….Slobwear and Summer Black

2022 saw Cottagecore, tiny bags and (unforgiveable) Crocs at the forefront of trending fashion. But what have we got to look forward to this year? We’re going to ignore talk of feathers, tulle and barbie sleaze, because although they may be about to trend, they don’t sound half as comfortable as Folklore Grandma and Slobwear…

Born out of the work from home revolution, Slobwear is the less glamorous sister of athleisure. Baggy fits, embracing rips and scraped back hair – the less effort we make, the more effort people will think we’ve put in – happy days! This is most definitely our year.

Folklore Grandma is knitted, cosy and most importantly, allows for the wearing of slippers. What is not to like? With accompanying beauty features including undone hair and growing out your greys, this trend sounds unusually freeing. The sheer volume of aesthetics to choose from this year is telling us one thing – wear whatever you want and label it something catchy.

And last but not least…summer black. You heard us, and we could not be more pleased. The most flattering colour, goes with anything and doesn’t show any dirty marks – and now we get to wear it in summer too! Choosing light or hole-y fabrics will keep it cool and seasonal.