How to get over a breakup (sustainably)

Miley Cyrus

With stars like Miley and Shakira dropping epic ‘diss tracks’ in the past week (aimed unapologetically at their exes), there’s been a lot of talk about how breakup songs are legitimately soothing for a broken heart. January is also one of the busiest times of the year for divorces, so we thought this was the perfect time to share our guide to getting over heartbreak (or just the January blues) in a conscious way…


We’re not saying you suddenly have to become a hardcore Crossfitter, but getting active is scientifically good for the soul! Plus there’s little more empowering than power walking round your neighbourhood blasting breakup tunes through your headphones – just saying. Aggressively swing your OGB by your side with one of our sloops.

Two words: Glow. Up.

In the name of sustainability, don’t rush off down to Boots and buy the whole haircare section. Instead raid the bathroom cupboards for products you’ve been gifted or you’ve bought and never used. That tube of fake tan has your name on it! Or you could book yourself an appointment at your nearest eco friendly salon for a really special treat.

Check out this map of vegan salons

If your cupboards really are bare then these are our favourite cruelty free eco brands for you to stock up on beauty must-haves:

Tropic Skincare

Alba Botanica

Good Dye Young


You don’t have to go far for a bit of a change of scene. We recommend sightseeing and spa bathing in Bath or wandering moodily round The Shambles and following the chocolate trail in York.

Treat yourself

Although we don’t agree that eating your feelings is the best idea, now is as good a time as any to have a bit of a splurge. Check out Tony’s, Chocolate and Love and Divine for the best ethical chocolate. Pair it with a delicious cup of tea from Bird and Blend (Our 500ml Tea Infuser Compatible Epics will help you brew it to perfection!)

And repeat over and over after Miley: I can love me better than you can…