What sustainable water bottle should i have – according to my star sign?

With mercury in retrograde during April, we have been taking a closer look at our star sign and thinking to ourselves; How can our star sign predict what and who we should be invesing our energy into, but more importantly, can it help us decide what Botl would best suit us? Well look no further, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the bottles we think best suit your star sign!


We paired you with a bright and colourful magenta bottle to match your fire element of energy and creativity. Your optimism and hope makes you caring and generous, so a larger bottles is needed for your caring nature. You like to take risks and try new experiences, so this triple walled bottle is perfect for all you throw at it. The perfect bottle for you is our 500ml Magenta evolution.


We paired you with a tough and stoic bottle to match your grounded nature. Your stubbornness means you sometimes don’t like change, but we think that just makes you loyal. You like physical touch, so pairing you with our skin finish makes perfect sense. The perfect bottle for you is our timeless, mangrove skin 1200ml evolution.


Gentle gemini, we paired you with an adaptable bottle to match your sharp, quick-learning personality. Your mind makes you analytic yet impulsive – so you need a bottle of versatility. You’re quick to get ‘the ick’ when emotions are involved, so we’ve kept this one short and sweet. The perfect bottle for you is the versatile,

Epic canteen in mocha. this bottle comes with a handle and 2 caps – Making it perfect for your hot or cold days.


The most loyal of all the signs, we paired you with an tough and unrivalled bottle only fitting for our first water signs- we think the larger the better. You’re empathetic and emotional, which means your emotional support water bottle will get full use throughout the day. You’re very understanding and compassionate, but don’t get on the wrong side of a cancer, as they can hold a grudge – and now they will also have hold of our huge 2 litre epic olive. 👀


It’s always sunny when a Leo is around. This sign is reliable, vivacious, full of life and definitely need to hydrate more often then they do to catch up with all that energy! You’re center stage and self confidence is reflected in your bottle, with a bright and colourful aura. As a Leo, you’re mostly known for your courage and dominance, so your perfect bottle has to command the room as almost as much as you do.

Your perfect match is our epic peachy 700ml👀


Reliable, organised and fiercly clever. You need yourself and your water bottle to live upto your high standards. You’re deeply hard on yourself and your own worst critic, but when it comes to your friends and family, they know they can always come to you for unjudgmental help. you always say there’s no task too big, and we believe your emotional support water bottle should do the same for you.

This bottle will keep you steady, work hard and get the job done. we’ve paired you with the coral evolution in 1200ml


Yes, you are the most charming and cool of the air elements, but you’re also indecisive and an over-thinker. So having a bottle that is versatile is a must for you, as there’s no way you’re making that decision twice! Your love of balance means you can’t stand mess but love for beautiful things means the bottle you chose has to be something special. Loneliness is a trait hated by libras, so having a water bottle by your side will surely ease your need for proximity.

The bottle we’ve paired you with is haze 700ml Epic


You are secretly emotional with a deep desire for connection, but this is often hidden under a tough shell of confidence and idgaf energy. With such a tough exterior and protective fierceness, your perfect bottle will need to withstand all weathers. There’s no one better at fighting your corner then you, so your bottle needs to be tough enough to stand there with you.

Your perfect bottle is the 1 liter Epic canteen in Vamp


As a fire sign, you are adventurous, bold and all about living each day as if it were your last. So you don’t need your bottle weighing you down! Routine is your enemy, making you reckless and restless. Lightweight and portable is your perfect bottle as it allows you to be the free spirit you want to be.

With a great sense of humor and sense of honesty an aura of lightness follows you. Which makes this single walled sage 800ml tough canteen your perfect match


Practical, realistic and independent Capricorn. You’re ambitious and a self-proclaimed work-aholic, which means you probably don’t take care of yourself as much as you should – including staying hydrated. You’re smart, intuitive and disciplined, so a big bottle is sure to not go to waste.

Your character is strong and so is your bottle, we’ve paired you with our 2 liter epic canteen in slate.


Aquarius, you are ruled by creativity. You are unconventional and eccentric, so your bottle should match that light. Your unpredictable nature means people either find you weird or wonderful, but maybe it’s your weirdness that makes you wonderful.

If any sign has bottled up emotions it’s you, so we’re sure to pair you with a strong bottle to help break down those barriers. You’re strong and independent, so we need a bottle that ‘aint messing around.

We’ve paired you with the timeless 400ml grubby pink. Small but mighty.


Ruled by Neptune, you are deeply emotional and compassionate, so your bottle needs to be there for you, as much as you are for other people. You have a tendency to overthink which can make you over-sensitive at times. Water isn’t the only thing you need from your water bottle, it’s also emotional support. So a bright, light and artistic bottle compliments your energy perfectly. Because of this, we have paired you with out 500ml tough canteen in haze.