Celebrity big brother personalised water bottle

It’s 9 pm. You’re snuggled up with a cup of tea and you switch the channel over to ITV. Celebrity Big Brother is about to start.  You notice Sharon Osbourne and Ekin Su looking for the bedroom with water bottles and suitcases in hand. Levi Roots has made a new song using a water bottle as a microphone and Bradley Riches is sipping his in the diary room. You think to yourself,

‘What water bottles do they have on Celebrity Big Brother, and how can I get one?!’

Well, I’m here to end your search and introduce you to the Housemate bottle.

Personalised celebrity big brother water bottle

We are so excited to be supplying the Celebrity Big Brother house with personalised water bottles this season! We’ve loved seeing them on our TVs and phones this week and are over the moon to see all the celebrities enjoying them.

Now available on-site, you can now get your very own personalised water bottle, just like your favourite celebs on tv!

Celebrity Big Brother personalised water bottle merch

They’re everywhere!

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We are working without our partners over at Totally About You to offer the best quality laser engraving.Simply follow this link to add your initials.

Available on our Epic range, these bottles are triple wall insulated, which means they will keep your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours! making them the perfect all-rounder!

Plus you’ll be able to say that you have saved 50 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean per bottle purchased. that’s pretty amazing!

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X factor Sharon Osbourne personalised water bottle, Love island Ekin Su personalised water bottle celebrity big brother

By choosing a Onegreenbottle, you will be supporting a female-owned Bcorp company, You will look stylish AND you can say you have a matching bottle with someone who founded Harry Styles 😉

Simply go to our website on your desktop or phone and add in your details.

Please note, that if you add more than 3 letters, the printing will be lengthways up the bottle.

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For more info please email admin@onegreenbottle.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Celebrity Big Brother personalised water bottle merch