A Safe Baby Bottle

Safety is the priority for every parent, especially when making choices about feeding. Whilst plastic bottles have been the norm for decades, studies have proven that there are numerous disadvantages to using them. Bottles made from polypropylene make up 82% of the world market of baby bottles, and whilst glass bottles seem to be the main alternate at the moment, there are also undeniable faults in these. Glass bottles are heavy which is inconvenient for feeding on the go and prevents the baby from being able to hold the bottle themselves. There is also the risk of them being dropped and broken.

Luckily for you, onegreenbottle has the solution! Enter: our stainless steel baby bottle…

The fact that our bottle is stainless steel eliminates any of those nasty BPAs and BPSs leaching into your baby’s milk. But what are BPAs I hear you ask? These are chemicals which are used in the production of certain plastics. They resemble oestrogen and as a result can cause reproductive harm, increased vulnerability to cancer and negative impacts on brain development when children are exposed to them. The mouth pieces of our baby bottles are made out of silicone which is completely non-toxic. The stainless steel bottle is single walled, which allows for faster and safer heating of milk, and prevents bacteria growth which can happen as a result of the milk being kept warm for long periods of time. Many plastic bottles shed micro plastics when heated up, which babies can then ingest. Choosing our stainless steel bottle is a confirmed way to avoid this from happening. Our bottles are also incredibly easy to sterilise, just separate the components and cold, boil or steam sterilise them, just remember to keep them away from the microwave!

We are proud to say that our bottles are FDA certified and meet EN14350 compliance regulations, so you don’t just have to take our word for the fact that these bottles are a super safe choice for your little ones. We also produce our brilliant water bottles at a 350ml size, which is perfect for when your kids outgrow their baby bottles, but you still want to ensure that their bottles are free from harmful chemicals.

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