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Reduce carbon footprint

Around 32.1 million Americans—some 14 million households—moved back in 2019. That’s a lot of moving and shaking, and it’s a lot of extra strain on the environment. An increasing number of Americans are committing to doing more to protect the environment, and green moving is becoming a popular topic. Eco-friendly moving—and especially zero-waste moving—requires some time[…]

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fitness bottle

Our bottles are eco-friendly, sustainable, great for all outdoor activities: fitness, hiking, cycling, At One Green Bottle we lead the way for sustainable and eco-friendly bottles. Made from 304 grade stainless steel these gorgeous bottles are built to keep you hydrated. From fitness, hiking, cycling these bottles help save the plant. For every bottle sold,[…]

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Best Eco-friendly kids bottles sustainable 500ml classic blue tough canteen quench cap

Best Eco-friendly bottles for kids Sustainable, refillable and reusable! When you’re looking for the best refillable eco-friendly bottle for your kids, there may be a few key points you’re looking for. Is it sustainable? Is it eco-friendly? Am I helping save the planet with this bottle? Well look no further, we have it all covered![…]

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zero waste image

It can seem like not a day passes by without more bad news concerning the environment. In the face of such huge reported problems, it’s easy to feel helpless and be discouraged. But there’s an effective approach that everyone can take to reduce their impact on the planet’s resources, and it involves working toward a[…]

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stainless steel pink bottle

SPONSORED REVIEW – Reusable Stainless Steel Bottles From Refreshingly Transparent Sustainable Brand, Onegreenbottle 12th December 2020 The pressing need for the reduction of plastic waste has been a hot environmental topic for some time now, and sustainable alternatives have become a regular feature of many of our lives. For gym-goers, commuters and school kids, in[…]

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Go zero waste at home

Thinking of going zero waste at home? Your Earth-conscious actions could have a massive impact on our ever-changing planet. In the United States alone, nearly 260 million tons of solid waste are generated on an annual basis, and landfills are rapidly nearing capacity. While it’s certainly important to take action at the global, national, and community level,[…]

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